Coral Springs Chinese School is going to offer online summer programs in between June 15 to July 24.  Any students including non Coral Springs Chinese School students are welcome to join us. The program will run for 6 weeks, each week 2 sessions and each session is 1 hour long.  The tuition is $150. Since it is going to be online format, each class will be limited to no more than 6 students so that the teacher can give each student more attention. The spaces are limited so if you are interested please sign up as early as possible.

珊瑚泉中文學校將在今年夏天提供暑期班課程。 暑期班共六周 615日到724日,每周兩次,每次一小時。學費 150元。 採小班制,每班不超過六人,所以名額有限,請儘早報名。我們歡迎校内,校外,凡對學習中文有興趣的兒童,青少年參加。

There are going to be 5 levels: kindergarten, beginner, intermediate advanced and conversation for students who has some basic Chinese background.

暑期班有五種不同的課程: 1. 幼兒班 2. 低年級 3. 中年級, 4. 高年級 5. 中年級的會話班。

1. Kindergarten (幼兒班): Taught by Ms. Shirley (張怡湘老師)

           Learning by doing, chanting and singing. 簡易手工説唱童謠。

           Time offered: Tues/Fri 10-11 AM 星期二/五上午 10  11 

2. Beginner (低年級):  Taught by Ms. Weina (施薇娜老師)

           Story telling tongue twisters for kids, riddles for kids and simple conversation.

           說故事 – 12 生肖,孫悟空的故事。 學習繞口令,猜謎語,練習簡單會話。

           Time offered:Tues/Thur 10-11 AM 星期二/ 上午 10-11 

3.  Intermediate (中年級):Taught by Ms. Shirley (張怡湘老師)

           Review basic topics by playing games and multiple ways of reinforce Chinese character recognition and writing.

           動動手,動動腦, 玩中學,做中學,戲,溫故知新。

           Time offered: Mon/Thur: 10-11 AM OR 2-3 PM. 星期一/四上午 10-11點或下午2-3點。

4. Advanced (高年級): Taught by Ms. Hsiufang (蒲秀芳老師)

           Video Watching, sentence making, Chinese typing and e-book making.

           影片欣賞,造句, 中文打字,製作電子書。

           Time offered: Mon/Thur 2-3 PM 星期一/四下午2-3 點。

5. Conversation (中年級會話):  Taught by Ms. Sonya Chiang (江如玉老師)

           Let’s learn to chat in Mandarin! Get to know each other with everyday topics. Be ready to open your ears and mouth for lots of conversation and active listening skills! We will also study the art of Chinese characters in order to develop critical thinking and reading skills.

          來一起聊天學中文!我們將從日常生活中的大小事開展話題認識彼此。 準備好你善於傾聽的耳朵和蠢蠢欲動的嘴巴,這堂課專注於會話練習輔以漢字藝術及背景知識的探討,藉此培養學生思考分析及閱讀能力。

           Time offered: Mon/Wed: 10-11 AM 禮拜一/三上午 10-11

If you are interested in joining us for the summer program, please fill out the attached form or use the Google Form for your information; write check to the address below, make check payable to :CSCCA and on the memo area, note: Summer Program.

有興趣的參加暑期班的,請使用所附表格或Google Form 填寫您的資訊,並請將支票寄到下面地址,支票擡頭注明: CSCCA, 於附注欄填寫 Summer program

Google Form URL(please click or copy and paste the link below)


Or download a PDF form here.

 Please send check to: 8343 W Atlantic Blvd, Coral Springs, FL 33071

Due to Covid-19, to be on the safe side, we have decided that next semester will be still online. We will provide further updates in August.