Chinese School

The Coral Springs Chinese School is a place where we teach students the Chinese language, heritage and culture. The Mandarin classes are conducted on Saturdays from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Cultural class is between 12:15PM and 1:15 PM, and Cantonese classes on Sundays from 1:00 to 3:50 p.m. In addition, the school offers Adult conversation classes and cultural classes in folk dance, lion dance, dragon dance, brush painting, and gives performances in various festivals to promote the Chinese culture and arts. The school has attracted students far and wide, and has grown and expanded quickly from 30 students to 200 students over the past 20 years.


To Be The Preeminent Provider Of Chinese Cultural Environment


Operate a Chinese School, teaching Mandarin and Cantonese classes
Teach Asian Americans their heritage and culture

Our Principals:

Welcome our new principal: Ms. Meiju Chen!

2013 – 2023 Ms. Yoling Chen
2010 – 2013 Mrs. Wanda Chen
2009 – 2010 Mrs. Carol Yuan
2006 – 2009 Mrs. Shirley Chang
2003-2006 Mrs Karen Wong
2001-2003 Mrs Carol Yuan
2000-2001 Dr. Charles Chiao
1998-2000 Mr. Sug Chan
1996-1998 Mr. Chester Yuan
1995-1996 Dr. Nen-Chin Liu
1994-1995 Mrs. Angela Herh
1993-1994 Mrs. Mei Shaw
1992-1993 Mrs. Cindy Chao
1991-1992 Mrs. Carol Yuan
1990-1991 Dr. Joe Hong
1989-1990 Dr. Tai-San Chao
1988-1989 Mrs. Ying Pestien
1987-1988 Dr. Tai-San Chao
1986-1987 Mrs Theresa Chang